The type of products which we at Sandéns work with often place high demands on aspects of security. At Sandéns, security is a top priority which permeates throughout all of our organisational activities. A large portion of the information and data connected to our products is sensitive, and therefore must be protected against different forms of potential tampering and unauthorised access. Sensitive information and data must be protected at all stages of production; digital data must be kept as secure as had it been printed on paper. This means that data must be protected before, during, and after the production process. Because of this, matters of security impact heavily on all areas of of our organisation; from the security of our premises and staff confidentially, to our IT systems and production practices. Security routines are reviewed and updated regularly.

Sandéns Security Printing AB are certified by the The Swedish Gambling Authority and the NFC (National Forensics Centre, previously SKL) to print lottery tickets and scratch cards with unlimited cash prizes. We are also certified by the equivalent authorities in many other countries, including Norway, Finland, Russia and the Czech Republic.

Product safety

We can offer a wide ride of different safety features with our products. We can even assist with advice and consultation regarding which security level and which security features are suited to which products. Amongst the many security features which we can offer, include:

  • Secure scratch-off products
  • Different types of security printing, eg: Guilloché patterns, micro text, floating game symbols, polychromatic overprint on scratch panels, varnish effects, Iris printing
  • Security inks, eg: UV-fluorescent inks, chemically sensitive inks, thermochromic inks, bleeding inks
  • Generation and printing of variable codes such as different kinds of bar codes and validation codes used for example to verify winning tickets
  • Generation and production of game data with the help of advanced and type-approved random number generators.

Additionally, during production continuous verification of printed information takes place with the help of bar code controls. These checks ensure for example that the correct information is being printed, that all sheets in the batch are printed, and that no duplicates are printed. Any waste is then destroyed using our own disposal machines, and is thereafter recycled.

Physical on-site security

Our premises are surrounded by a fence with mounted barbed wire, as well as lockable gates and passage ways. The premises are protected by a perimeter security alarm system on all windows and doors, either by way of magnetic window contacts and either smashed glass or motion detectors. The inside of our premises is further secured by a comprehensive motion detector. The burglar alarm is directly connected to the emergency services via a doubly secured telephone line. All entrances and exits to and from our premises take place via doors fitted with keycard locks which require either a personal card or a key fob to open.