Raffle Rings—The Original

With our popular Raffle Rings, it is quick and easy to arrange raffles for all circumstances and occasions. The organiser decides the ticket price andpay-out plan which means a maximum of flexibility. The Raffle Ring is also perfect for private raffles and other unlicensed raffles. Use the Raffle Ring to organise a raffle in the association, the club, at parties, and other events.It doesn’t get easier than this to organise a raffle and raise money for intended purposes!

How our Raffle Ring works

The tickets are attached to a metal ring which is sealed with an aluminium seal. Each ticket has two parts which are separated by a perforation. When the customer removes the ticket using the perforation, the inner part remains on the ring and acts as a draw ticket. This is identical to the ticket the customer has removed. The thread is easily broken off at the seal after sales are done and the remaining tickets easily slide off the metal ring for the draw. The ticket holder who has the matching ticket to the drawn ticket, wins. The organiser can, of course, choose how to organise the raffle; the number of draws, prizes, etc.



1–100 (100 tickets/ring) 100 rings/box
1–200 (200 tickets /ring) 50 rings/box
1–300 (300 tickets/ring) 50 rings/box

Colours: 12 different colours Series: A–Z

Options: Can be printed with up to 12 lines of custom print.

Other: Each ring has a unique control number which is printed on both the raffle tickets and the control parts.

Delivery time: Standard tickets are available for immediate delivery. A minimum of 8 business days for custom prints.

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