Wingo 4 Bingodragare

This bingo caller is not only stylish but also ergonomic. It has all the functions you could want, and a large and readable display and it can be connected to extra displays with a cord.


Versions: With or without radio function (RF)

Display size: 4” (100 mm)

Dimensions: (L/W/H): 220/110/230 mm

Weight: 1.2 kg

Power supply: 5V 1200 mA. dc regulated. Automatic saving of games in the event of a power failure.

Other: Total numbers called are always shown on the display. The last number called is always shown on both the display and the back.

Accessories: Extra displays, table support with a 5 m cord (RD100), or radio with wall mount (RDF100).

With radio function

The ultimate model of Wingo is Wingo 4 RF with radio function. It offers wireless communication with one or more extra displays. Several callers can be used near each other without interfering with each other’s signals.The use of wireless displays makes the bingo game preparations much easier and faster.