Top Ticket

An engaging, fast-paced bingo ticket with 3 lines

The tickets are delivered in strips of 5 tickets with all the numbers 1–75. That way the strip is played quickly as well as provide a greater opportunity for e.g., different levels of prizes.

The tickets are played horizontally with different lines guaranteed. All five tickets on the strip have a shared control number. Each strip has text and numbering.


Set size: 1 set is 1,000 strips (1,000 consecutive numbers).

Sets: 50 different sets with 1,000 strips.

Number of different strips: 50,000

Standard: White and Yellow

Custom design: White paper, optional print

Options: Can be printed with barcode and custom print.

Delivery time: A minimum of 5 business days. For delivery in less than 5 business days an express fee will be added.