Three Chances

An exciting and easy-to-sell ticket

As the name suggests, there are three chances to win. Under each of the three tabs there is a number, and the pay-out plan is on the back of the ticket. If the number under the tab matches one of the numbers in the pay-out plan, you have won the amount stated in the pay-out plan.

This ticket can be very useful at various events, and to raise money for the organisation. Why not try a set of Three Chances at your next event?

Since the ticket only costs SEK 2.00, it is easy to sell many tickets. People often buy ten or more, and if they win, they may very likely spend the prize money on new tickets. The top prize is SEK 200.00 and there is a total of 79 prizes. The profit value is 50%, which gives a gross profit of SEK 1,500.00.


Set size: 1,500 tickets

Price: SEK 2.00

Custom print: Custom print on the back of the ticket is available.

Delivery time: Standard tickets are available for immediate delivery. A minimum of 5 business days for custom prints.

Size: 100×68 mm

Pay-out plan

Pay-out plan:

2 prize tickets à SEK 200.00

2 prize tickets à SEK 100.00

6 prize tickets à SEK 50.00

9 prize tickets à SEK 25.00

15 prize tickets à SEK 10.00

45 prize tickets à SEK 5.00

Gross profit: SEK 1.500,00