The perfect ticket for the small group

A new fun and easy-to-scratch ticket where there are three chances to win. With this ticket you do like the name says—you support the organiser, you scratch the ticket, and hopefully you win too.

  • Three exciting games to scratch
  • The ticket supports and helps the association, the team, or the school class.
  • The ticket holder also has the chance to win.
  • The ticket price is SEK 20.00

With only 250 tickets in a set, it is quick to sell. It is as suitable for larger events as for the individual team, the small association, or the school class. just as well in the individual team, the small association or for the school class as for larger events.

No permit is needed if the ticket is sold within a private setting,for example, in the family, among friends, at the club meeting, or at the annual meeting.

The profit value is 40% and the gross profit will be SEK 3,000.00/set.


Set size: 250 tickets/set

Options: Custom print is available on the back of the ticket.

Delivery time: Standard tickets are available for immediate delivery. A minimum of 5 business days for custom prints.

Pay-out plan: 250 tickets à SEK 20.00 = SEK 5,000.00 Profit value 40%



Total Sum

1 ticket

SEK 1,000.00

SEK 1,000.00

1 ticket

SEK 200.00

SEK 200.00

5 tickets

SEK 40.00

SEK 200.00

30 tickets

SEK 20.00

SEK 600.00

Size: 142x83 mm