Special Number Strips
& Free Play Strips

Special strips

Increase the joy of playing with different winning opportunities on each playing field.

Number Strips Triple & Tri-colored

There are three tickets on the number strip where all numbers 1–75 are included. It is intended to be sold with all three tickets as a unit.Each strip comes with text and numbering.

Free Play Strips Triple & Tri-colored

Free Play is a slightly faster game. On the Free Play strips, there are three tickets where all numbers 1–75 are included except the one in the middle of the game board which is replaced with the text “Free Play” – free box that gives an extra thrill! Each strip comes with text and numbering.


Versions: Available as Number Strips and Free Play Strips.

Set size: 1 set is 1,000 strips (1,000 consecutive numbers).

Sets: 50 different sets with tickets 1–3,000; 3,001–6,000; etc. up to 150,000.

Number of different tickets: 150,000

Colors: White & tricolor

Custom design: White paper, optional print.

Options: Can be printed with barcode and custom print.

Delivery time: A minimum of 5 business days. For delivery in less than 5 business days an express fee will be added.