Scratch-Off Advent Calendars

Our scratch-off calendars have 24 scratch fields with delightful Christmas images in 4-colour under the scratch surface. In connection with the image, it says “prize” or “no prize” and the prizes vary depending on which day you win, all according to the pay-out plan on the back of the ticket. There is also a scratch field marked “lucky prize” on the calendar. Under this scratch field, there is a number from 1–1,000 intended for a post sales draw, which makes it possible to add more prizes in addition to the fixed pay-out plan for those who wish.

On the back of the calendars the association name, pay-out plan and draw list is printed. It is also possible to print advertisements on the back, which can give additional revenue.

The scratch-off calendars have a control section where the organiser easily can control if the correct prize has been paid out, and if the control number matches the number under “lucky prize”.

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Image: See all our images we have printed and an example of a custom image below. Pay-out plan, advertise- ments, etc. is printed on the back.

Set size: 1,000 calendars. For other quantities and numberings, please contact us for a quote and schedule.

Delivery time: Approximately 10 days after approved proofreading (applies to sets of 1,000).

Pay-out plan with 33 instant prizes:

1 Calendar with first prize (day 24)
2 Calendars with second prize (day 13+23)
10 Calendars with third prize (day 1–10)
20 Calendars with fourth prize (day 11–24 and double fourth prize day 13 + day 20–24)

Size: 148×210 mm