Raffle Rings—Soccer

The Soccer Ring is a raffle where the outcome is decided by the result in a predetermined soccer match, which can be everything from your own home game to the Champions League.It can therefore be used as a revenue generator all year round, even when the own team has a seasonal break. The organiser decides how much the tickets are going to cost.They can also decide whether the prizes should consist of money or items. The Soccer Ring is truly flexible, and the raffle can be tailored to one’s own requests and circumstances. So, make the most of the opportunity to make money effectively and appreciatively for the team or the organisation!The Soccer Ring is available in four different colours where each ring has a unique serial number. This allows for several rings to be sold for the same match. In addition, the unique serial number verifies which ring a particular ticket comes from. It is printed on both the packaging, the ticket and the control part that remains on the ring.


Package: The rings of 100 tickets are sold both individually and in boxes of 100 rings.

Pay-out: A ring has 100 tickets with half-time and final scores from 0–0 to 3–3. This gives exactly 100 different combinations which means that there is always one winner per ring, no more and no less. The ticketholder with both the correct half-time score and the correct final score wins. If the final score for one or both teams exceed 3 goals, the ticket with final score 3–3 and the correct half-time score wins. If one or both teams exceed 3 goals before half-time, the ticket with the final score 3–3 and half-time score 3–3 wins.

Delivery time: Standard tickets are available for immediate delivery. A minimum of 8 business days for custom prints.

Languages: Available in Swedish, English, and German.