Online lottery tickets and scratch cards require systems with high levels of security and many layers of protection against the risks that exist on the net. We build systems from scratch using our vast knowledge of secure physical lottery tickets and scratch cards, and the long experience we have of these products and the gaming industry. Our solutions are built to both appear and function as an integrated part of your existing website, connected to gaming.

Online validation systems

Simplify your handling of the validation of winning tickets, and reduce your handling costs by giving your customers the possibility to check their own lottery tickets and scratch cards via your website. Customers can also provide their contact details for potential pay outs. Our systems are built upon high layers of security and offer secure solutions. We modify the layout and colours of our system, to mirror your website’s design and graphic profile.

When customers register their lottery ticket or scratch card on your website, we have the possibility to provide you with lists of winning ticket numbers or winning customers as per your requirements.

Click here to see a demo-version of our online validation system (NB: without built-in security measures).

Digital lottery tickets and Internet validation systems

We believe in a combination of physical and Internet-based gaming. Paper-based lottery tickets and scratch cards work as the major channel of the industry and increase the legitimacy of Internet-based gaming. The usage of online gaming methods increase the availability of lottery tickets and scratch cards, and result in an increased market presence. Internet-based lottery tickets and scratch cards place a larger requirement for security to be built in to the entire system, in many different dimensions.  Our own system is not yet fully developed, but specifications regarding security are established. We are currently working on building a basic demo version, where we can show our system’s appearance and possibilities.

If you are interested in finding a solution, contact us for an obligation-free discussion about a system tailor-made just for you.