Bingo—Books and Pages

Easy to play—easy to read

The Bingo book is easy to play with a clear sheet marking. It comes in 1–12 pages and has a perforation on the top.

Additional page quantities are available, please request a quote. Each page of 6 tickets contains all the numbers 1–90.

The Bingo books with advertisements provide an opportunity for extra profit. It is possible to get different advertisements printed on each page, between the trays or all pages with the same advertisement.


Set size: 1 set is 1,000 pages (consecutive numbers).

Sets: 60 different sets mean 60,000 different pages. Number of different tickets: 360,000

Ticket number: 120,001–480,000



Options: Can be printed with a barcode (22 digits) and custom print.

Delivery time: A minimum of 5 business days. For delivery in less than 5 business days an express fee will be added.