Ticket Rolls

2-part tickets available in stock in different colors. Numbered from 1-500, 501-1000 in rolls of 500.


Product: Ticket roll

Versions: Available in two text versions, “Entrance" or “Ticket".

Cloakroom Tickets—Pad

Tickets numbered from 1–100.


Product: Tickets with control part.

Set size: 100 tickets numbered from 1–100.

Series: 24 different series.

Cloakroom Tickets—Roll

Cloakroom Tickets—Roll

A two-part ticket for safe handling of clothes and belongings.


Product: Cloakroom tickets Versions: 1–500 and 501–1,000 Set size: In rolls of 500 tickets

Membership Cards

Membership Cards

A basic membership card

The membership card consists of two parts, one for the member and one that is kept for control and follow-up. Both parts are numbered. The membership card is filled out in advance for easy management of members, membership registers and membership cards.

The membership cards can of course be printed with association names and others specific information.

Paper Wristbands

Effective entrance control

Our paper wristbands enable efficient, fast, and easy entrance controls. They are ideal for festivals, amusement parks, concerts, and other events where entry control is needed. Order standard wristbands in a variety of colours or customise with your own 1-colour or 4-colour print.

Lottery Tickets —post sales draw

A simple and safe lottery

The Lottery Ticket with a post sales draw is a simple lottery that is great to use if the association wants to make some extra money. The tickets are easy to sell and can be customised to your specific requests.

A post sales lottery means that the draw is made after the sale of the tickets is completed. Our Lottery Ticket is of course copy protected for security reasons.



A really simple lottery

The 50/50 ticket is really simple and often used at various sport events such as soccer matches, handball matches, etc. The 50/50 ticket is a ticket with a post sales draw. The tickets are easy to sell and can be customised to your specific requests.